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Prolapse - General Information & Home Management

Prolapse - General Information & Home Management

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Concerned about prolapse? What it could mean for you? What it actually is?

This handout is the perfect guide to help you learn and get to know what you can do. 

Included in the two page handout is information regarding:

  • What is a Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Symptoms to look out for
  • Types of Prolapse
  • Tips for good bladder and bowel habits
  • General advice on exercise, weight and abdominal pressure management
  • Advice regarding pain with intercourse


Prolapse, whilst important to be aware of, can be very well managed conservatively. Seeking out a women's health physiotherapist with experience in the assessment and management of a pelvic organ prolapse is incredibly important. 


Disclaimer: The information in this handout is meant for general guidance and should not replace individual health care advice from medical professionals. It is important to seek out specific medical advice before commencing any physical activity and do not delay seeking medical advice because of something you may have read in this handout.


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