Meet Cat

Cat is a Gold Coast based Physiotherapist with additional training in Pelvic & Continence health. Cat is an Olympian, competing at the Tokyo Olympics and brings her hard work and dedication to her work as a physiotherapist.

Cat loves to work along side women, keeping them healthy & confident, as they work to achieve their goals.


Offering a wide range of services that are backed by research and years of experience.

Women undergo multiple changes through life and it is important to respect what impact these changes might have on our bodies.
You’ll find a range of services available that are designed to compliment and meet the needs of all women.

  • Physiotherapy Consultations

    Consultations specifically tailored to meet the physiotherapy needs of you and your body at any stage during life.

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  • Presentations & Workshops

    Providing information to a group, big or small, can be the first important step in educating and advocating for pelvic & women’s health.

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  • Clinical Pilates

    By attending either an individual clinical pilates session or group physio class, the aim is to give you the tools and knowledge to become the master of your own body.

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