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Postnatal - Early Home Care & Management

Postnatal - Early Home Care & Management

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You’re go-to information about the handy tips & tricks to know in the early days post birth. 

In this three page document, you'll be run through:

  • How to aid recovery immediately after birth (cesarean or vaginal)
  • How to help reconnect with your abdominals and pelvic floor
  • A list of exercises safe & helpful to do in the first few days
  • Stretches to help your body feel good
  • Warning signs and things to look out for
  • When to seek help

Disclaimer: The information in this handout is meant for general guidance and should not replace individual health care advice from medical professionals. It is important to seek out specific medical advice before commencing any physical activity and do not delay seeking medical advice because of something you may have read in this handout.


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